#011 – Adjoa Skinner, Jay Jenc, Casey Rae, Chris Naoum

The Circus Life Podcast

011. So we’ve tap danced our way into our eleventh episode. No, seriously, Adjoa Skinner comes in the Red Room and lays down some sweet tap beats and whistles for Sean and Justin. Casey Rae of the Future of Music Coalition talks about the upcoming summit and his love for New Wave. Chris Naoum speaks about Listen Local First and proves that he may be TCL’s first “superfan”. Finally, Jay Jenc brings in sandwiches from the Westover Market and talks about why he could never live in New Orleans.  Our show is brought to you by GrowthGroup.com, Westover Market & Beer Garden, Saucony, and Cue Recording Studios.

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Adjoa Skinner - The Recession Song

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