228 – Love and Hip Hop and Steak And Cheese – Guest: Flex Mathews

Episode #228.  Rapper Flex Mathews join’s Justin for lunch where they talk about skateboarding, the Warped Tour, and being a part of a community.  Lauren LeMunyan joins the guys (it’s her apartment) and spends most of the podcast keeping Rico Suave off the guest.  Go to TheCircusLife.com for all podcast related information and don’t forget to donate via Patreon.

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#010 – Flex Mathews, Amanda Meadows, MUNDY, Alex Vans

#010. Another round of firsts for The Circle Life as we have both our first real broadcaster and rapper into the studio to show us how the art of wordplay really is done.  WJLA DC Traffic Anchor Amanda Meadows comes in the Red Room and plays a round of “Made Up Traffic Situation” that includes beavers and overturned logging trucks.  Freestyle rapper Flex Mathews talks about touring with Matisyahu and does an impromptu “object rap” based around a bag of Justin’s (aka ‘Juicy Boy’) “stuff”.  Alex Vans and Mundy are part of the panel today and talk about their Dewey Beach Music Conference experience.  Our show is sponsored by GrowthGroup.com, our “Venue of the Month” the Westover Beet Garden, Saucony, and Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, Virginia.

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Flex Performance

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