#020 – Christmas Episode – Tiffany Thompson, Paul Pfau, Jon Blashford, Kevin DeSouza, Don Kim

The Circus Life Podcast

Episode #20.  ‘Twas the night before Christmas and this is TCL’s First Annual Christmas Episode. We’ve got an array of musicians in the studio telling stories and singing holiday songs including Don Kim, Tiffany Thompson, Paul Pfau, Jon Blashford, and Kevin de Souza.  The cast all speaks with our videographer Raf, who is fresh from a successful Washington Post “Datelab” excursion. Our show is brought to you by our PayPal account; feel free to send us donations to help pay our bills at . Also by ToriRocksRealEstate.com, GrowthGroup.com, Saucony, RCS Photography, and Cue Recording Studios.

Download MP3s:

Don Kim - Please Stop Buying Me Clothes For Christmas
Justin Trawick - Rudolph
Paul Pfau - It's Not Christmas
Tiffany Thompson - Have Yourself a Merry Christmas
Jon Blashford - Gateway Christmas Tune
Kevin D'Souza - Mr. Grinch

Watch video:

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