076 – Chris Thomas King, Danny Infante, Jeff Mills, Erin & Ben Russell

Episode #76.  Remember the musician that sold his soul to the devil to play guitar in the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou”?  Today we are honored to have Grammy winner Chris Thomas King on the show; musician and actor from movies like “O Brother Where Art Thou” and “Ray”. Along with his bassist Danny Infante and drummer Jeff Mills, we talk about touring in Thailand, beignets in New Orleans, acting with Steven Seagal, and being the go to songwriter for Sylvester Stallone.  We also spend a segment with Ben and Erin Russell, Sean’s brother and sister-in-law, where Justin pulls back the “True Hollywood Story” onion of the pained, emotional upbringing of TCL co-host Sean Russell.  Our show is brought to you by our Amazon link, which gives us a piece of your purchase if you click through the sponsor link on our website thecircuslife.com.  We have a new sponsor, http://acorn-financial.com.  This podcast is also brought to you by ToriRocksRealEstate.com, Saucony, RCS Photography, and Cue Recording Studios.

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Chris Thomas King - Sketches of Treme
Chris Thomas King - St. James Infirmary

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