#007 – Audiot Episode! Victoria Vox (performing), Ken Schubert, Jeff Juliano, Mark Williams, Harry Evans, Pat Hester, Doug Ross, Gavin Pearce, Carolyn Bragg, Charlie Buettner, (MadFox Brewing)

The Circus Life Podcast

#007. Today’s show features the men and women behind the music we listen to. Eight sound engineers tell us about about life behind the soundboard including Jeff Juliano, Ken Schubert, Gavin Pearce, Pat Hester, Doug Ross, Mark Williams, Harry Evans, and Carolyn Bragg. Victoria Vox plays plays live and brings in naked photos for a round of “Show and Tell”.  Finally brewer Charlie Buettner brings in five beers of his Mad Fox Brewing Company brews and talks about the rise of the DC area food and arts scene.  Our show is sponsored by Saucony, Sweetwater.com, RCS Photography, and Cue Recording Studios.

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Victoria Vox - Remember The Music
Victoria Vox - Sweetest Melodies

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