#005 – Laura Tsaggaris, Alex Vans, Joshua Kirk

The Circus Life - Episode #005

#005 It’s truly our pleasure to have 12 year old Joshua Kirk on today’s show who discusses music with us, his love for Philly band Dr. Dog, and cooking with Guy Fieri.  Alex Vans drops in to discuss his move from suburban living to inner city hipster life.  Finally, musician Laura Tsaggaris, a new mother which we completely forget to talk about, plays two songs for us and proceeds to fall in love with our 12 year old music reviewer Joshua.  Our show is brought to you by Dogwood Tavern, Sweetwater.com, Saucony Shoes, and Cue Recording Studios.

Download MP3s:

Laura Tsaggaris - Dig
Laura Tsaggaris - I Am Not In Control

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