124 – Keelan Donovan, Lisa Marisco

Episode #124. Live show on 12/20 at Galaxy Hut in Arlington VA! Today Keelan Donovan joins the show to talk about serving Gene Simmons of KISS room service and to sing us songs about the month of October.  Dr. Lisa Marsico Wright of Del Ray Animal Hospital helps Justin in a discussion about what dog he should rescue, preferably one that doesn’t end in “oodle”. Our show is brought to you by our Amazon link, which gives us a piece of your purchase if you click through the sponsor link on our website thecircuslife.com.  We have a new sponsor, http://acorn-financial.com.  This podcast is also brought to you by, ToriRocksRealEstate.com, Saucony, RCS Photography, and Cue Recording Studios.

Download MP3s:

124 - Keelan Donovan - Hello October
124 - Keelan Donovan - Timmys Song

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