086 – Rainbow Rock, Wendi Cherry, Tori McKinney

Episode #86.  This is an important podcast for musicians in need of free health care provided by MusicCares and the Grammys!  Children’s band “Rainbow Rock” joins us in the Red Room including Kate Moran aka “The Rainbow Lady”, Derek Evry aka “Guitarmony Gus”, Lynn Rovelli aka “Princess Fiddlesticks”, and Matthew Berry aka “Bassious Berry”.  Wendi Cherry from The Recording Academy DC Chapter as well as sponsor and longtime friend of the show Tori McKinney also are in attendance.  Topics include the social effects of weird hair colors, tiny NYC apartments, and a sudden impromptu stellar sing-a-long of “You Are My Sunshine”.  Our show is brought to you by our Amazon link, which gives us a piece of your purchase if you click through the sponsor link on our website thecircuslife.com.  We have a new sponsor, http://acorn-financial.com.  This podcast is also brought to you by www.growthgroup.com, ToriRocksRealEstate.com, Saucony, RCS Photography, and Cue Recording Studios.  Oh, and Kevin de Souza aka “Captain Toe Tappin” comes in too.

Download MP3s:

Rainbow Rock - Alligator Noodles
Rainbow Rock - The Tale of Satchel and Lucy
Rainbow Rock - You Are My Sunshine

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