101 – The Yeonas Brothers Band, Tori McKinney, Patty Cigna

Episode #101.   Live show on July 13th at Galaxy Hut in Arlington VA.  On today’s show we couldn’t get the Jonas Brothers, so we got the next best thing: The Yeonas Brothers! Paul, Dimitri, and their father Dino Yeonas come in with longtime friend and TCL sponsor Tori McKinney to talk about vegan mayonnaise, aliens on earth, Girl Scouts, Greece, and Tori’s daughter. Patty Cigna entices the group with her recipe for pudding shots.  Our show is brought to you by our Amazon link, which gives us a piece of your purchase if you click through the sponsor link on our website thecircuslife.com.  We have a new sponsor, http://acorn-financial.com.  This podcast is also brought to you by, ToriRocksRealEstate.com, Saucony, RCS Photography, and Cue Recording Studios.

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The Yeonas Brothers Band - PYT
The Yeonas Brothers Band - Marianna

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