#002 – Andy Zipf / The Cowards Choir

The Circus Life Podcast - Episode #002

Episode #002!  On today’s show we started with Justin speaking with Ben Tufts, DC area drummer and longtime friend, about Ben’s recent benefit show and the dating app “Tinder”. Then band “The Cowards Choir” came in featuring Andy Zipf, Ryan Walker, Adam Neubauer, and Ben Tufts.  They played two songs and helped debut our new segment “Show and Tell” in which Andy read to the group from his childhood children’s book. Today’s show is brought to you by Dogwood Tavern and Saucony Shoes.

Download MP3s:

Cowards Choir - Hand That Holds Me Down
Cowards Choir - Maybe I

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#001 – Inaugural Episode

The Circus Life - Episode #001

This is the inaugural episode of The Circus Life. Meet your host Justin Trawick, a DC area songwriter, along with sound engineer Sean Russell.  To celebrate the first show we invited four DC songwriters in to talk about music, DC, and play live for us including Dave Farah, Bradley Rhodes (of Melodime), Andrea Pais, and Paul Pfau.  Thanks for listening!

Download MP3s:

Brad Rhodes, Paul Pfau - Lullaby
Dave Farah - Sugar
Andrea Pais - Chasing Forever

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